About School



More than 50 years ago the priests and parents at Saint Sava Church in London founded the Sunday School. Generations born in the UK grew up learning the Serbian language, history and Cyrillic alphabet, reading Serbian literature and adopting Orthodox catechism, customs, tradition, and folk dances of the Serbian people.

In May 1962, after receiving the Church Council’s permission and Very Rev. Miloje Nikolic’s blessing, Dragomir Nikolic and two other teachers established the school, which celebrated its 50thanniversary in 2012.


Today, more than 100 pupils are children or grandchildren of those who attended the school in the previous half a century, or those who have relatively recently left their homeland and settled in the UK. Our teachers proudly continue the work of their predecessors and they try to teach with kindness, hope and belief that their own example can show future generations how one can help their homeland through education.


We teach the Serbian language by following the tradition of the Sunday School but also by adapting to the needs of the modern society. We aim to align our teaching to UK standards and to use best teaching practices from the homeland.

Dear Parents,

You have a great responsibility for your children’s education. Please allow them to learn your mother tongue, and to find out more about Serbian tradition and culture, and who they truly are. The Serbian Church School of Saint Sava offers a friendly environment where your children can learn all that, whilst making new friendships.

All information about the Sunday School can be obtained by visiting the school or via email (skolaspclondon@gmail.com).